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Eefje Valerie - Erotic Author

Eefje Valerie
Erotic Author | Steamy, Passionate, Romantic Erotica

Eefje started writing erotic fiction as an exercise to help her remove writer's block. She quickly noticed she enjoyed writing erotica more than contemporary fiction.

Eefje's stories, whilst certainly steamy, are focused on the personal connection between the characters, because to her, the sex is always better if the participants are passionate about the act.

My Published Works

What makes my stories different?
I write erotica stories that are designed to be passionate and emotional. You'll fall in love with these characters, and witnessing them make that intense love a reality will excite you beyond your imaginings. These aren't stories about flings, they're stories about obsession and deep love.

Popular Releases by Eefje Valerie

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