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My Published Stories

Here you can see all the stories that are available for purchase on all major online book stores. I've got more stories coming soon, so if you like what you see, don't hesitate to sign up to my mailing list.

Caught By My Roommate: A Lesbian Erotica Experience

After a long week of stressful work in the city, I returned home to an empty apartment, horny and alone...or so I thought...

My roommate, Lara caught me in a state of pleasurable undress, before hiding away, locking herself in her room. I wonder what adventures sexy Lara and I could get up to, if I could only coax her out of her shell...

Teach Me to Submit

A passionate, eye-opening and erotic love story that challenges the modern roles of masculinity and femininity.

Kara, a beautiful manager at a high-powered law firm in her mid-thirties, has a unique sexual appetite — she loves to gently dominate her partners. Whilst attending a party hosted by a friend, Kara reluctantly finds herself becoming the sexual mentor to early-twenties Charlie as he ravenously explores a landscape he’d only ever dreamed of. Kara must learn to put aside her doubts about his age and his inexperience as she tries to mould him into her perfect sexual partner, bending him to her will.

Can Charlie figure out how to put aside all the rules of society that he was born into, to become Kara’s willing submissive? What happens when Charlie is forced to come face-to-face with his own preconceptions about intimacy, masculinity and love?

Watching the Woman in Apartment 214

An erotic story about voyeurism, sexual liberation and femininity set agains the backdrop of the city of love, Paris.

After  a gruelling day at one of Paris' foremost fashion houses, I got myself  ready for bed. Lying there with a hot cocoa, reading a book, I looked  across at the apartment opposite and saw a beautiful woman begin to undress. I felt like I shouldn't be watching, but I couldn't stop  myself, I watched her right up until I noticed her eyes lock with mine.  My blood ran cold, but the woman opposite just continued to undress...  performing, for my eyes only.

In Paris, a young fashion designer trying to make a name for herself is caught watching the woman in the apartment opposite. What happens next alters the trajectory of her life, leading to the steamiest sex she'd ever had, her sexual liberation, and her finally gaining the confidence she needed to find love.

Welcome Home - An Erotic Lesbian Love Story

An emotional, steamy, erotic & deeply personal story about coming out, best friends and obsessive love.

Angela and Lucy have been best friends since they were kids. Now, in the  year after graduation, as they are finding their feet in the world,  Angie is kicked out of her parent's house. Lucy takes her in, but before  long, she realises that Angie is harbouring a secret that has the power  to alter the nature of their friendship forever. With her best friend  struggling to come to terms with her sexuality, can Lucy do what she  needs to do to be there for Angela emotionally, whilst avoiding falling  in love with her? What happens when Lucy's first time experimenting  sexually becomes too much for her to handle? 

This book takes you on a journey through the act of coming out, dealing  with the trauma of losing a family you depend on, how leaving the closet  affects those around you, and how latent feelings can reignite if the  conditions align; this journey is emotional, steamy, erotic and deeply  personal for both Angela and Lucy. Can their friendship survive the  transition from the old platonic love to the new deeply connected and  physical love?

Running Through My Mind

When Stacie asks her running partner Ben to train for the upcoming  half-marathon together, they decide to race - whoever wins will be in  control of the other all evening.

Stacie's only goal is to get Ben into her bed, can she win the race and finally bed her crush? Will either runner be able to maintain their composure enough to get what they want  from the other? Will Stacie finally get to make Ben her slave? Or will  Ben be the one in control?

Yes, Miss: Gently Dominating My Husband

When my husband came home from the most stressful day of his working  life, I had the perfect idea of how to take his mind off it. His eyes  were opened to an entirely new experience, as he became entirely mine to  dominate gently, with warmth, love, kindness and care.  

Gentle female domination, aka Gentle Femdom or GFD, is the act of  controlling a submissive partner in a caring and emotionally supportive  way, and that's exactly what I did to temper his stresses. 

But, what started as a fun little way to alleviate his pressure, quickly  became the very thing that would bring us closer together as a couple,  enhancing our marriage and deepening our love for one another,  strengthening our bond.

Becoming a Mistress in my Sister's Marriage

An erotic, sexy & deeply emotional story about polyamory, incest & forbidden love.

Valentine's Day was a special day for Mila, it had been her whole life.  It's such a shame that her ex-husband forever tainted those memories  resulting in their divorce. Now, Mila lives with her sister Ada and her  husband Christiaan, and has never felt so alone. Her sister Ada, taking  matters of her Mila's happiness into her own hands, offers Mila a life  she had never expected; become a mistress in her sister's marriage to be  used by them both. 

As the three of them begin to cross a line that no family should ever  cross, Mila considers her place within this new, intoxicating,  polyamorous love affair. She loves how Ada and Christiaan make her feel,  but she has to contend with how wrong it feels deep down. Ada loves her  sister so terribly that she'd risk everything by exposing that love for  the world to see.

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