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Becoming a Mistress in my Sister's Marriage

Becoming a Mistress in my Sister's Marriage



An erotic, sexy & deeply emotional story about polyamory, incest & forbidden love.

Valentine's Day was a special day for Mila, it had been her whole life.  It's such a shame that her ex-husband forever tainted those memories  resulting in their divorce. Now, Mila lives with her sister Ada and her  husband Christiaan, and has never felt so alone. Her sister Ada, taking  matters of her Mila's happiness into her own hands, offers Mila a life  she had never expected; become a mistress in her sister's marriage to be  used by them both. 

As the three of them begin to cross a line that no family should ever  cross, Mila considers her place within this new, intoxicating,  polyamorous love affair. She loves how Ada and Christiaan make her feel,  but she has to contend with how wrong it feels deep down. Ada loves her  sister so terribly that she'd risk everything by exposing that love for  the world to see.

Selected Reviews

"It was beautifully written with an obvious touch of emotion which flowed over me."
"Well-written story. Great character development. Arousing but not raunchy sex scene descriptions. Believable dialogue. Ending had a punch and a good twist."

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