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Teach Me to Submit

Teach Me to Submit



A passionate, eye-opening and erotic love story that challenges the modern roles of masculinity and femininity.

Kara, a beautiful manager at a high-powered law firm in her mid-thirties, has a unique sexual appetite — she loves to gently dominate her partners. Whilst attending a party hosted by a friend, Kara reluctantly finds herself becoming the sexual mentor to early-twenties Charlie as he ravenously explores a landscape he’d only ever dreamed of. Kara must learn to put aside her doubts about his age and his inexperience as she tries to mould him into her perfect sexual partner, bending him to her will.

Can Charlie figure out how to put aside all the rules of society that he was born into, to become Kara’s willing submissive? What happens when Charlie is forced to come face-to-face with his own preconceptions about intimacy, masculinity and love?

Selected Reviews

"I am marveling at every chapter [...] you are a wonderful storyteller and I appreciate how attentive you are to my favorite scenarios"

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