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Welcome Home - An Erotic Lesbian Love Story

Welcome Home - An Erotic Lesbian Love Story



An emotional, steamy, erotic & deeply personal story about coming out, best friends and obsessive love.

Angela and Lucy have been best friends since they were kids. Now, in the  year after graduation, as they are finding their feet in the world,  Angie is kicked out of her parent's house. Lucy takes her in, but before  long, she realises that Angie is harbouring a secret that has the power  to alter the nature of their friendship forever. With her best friend  struggling to come to terms with her sexuality, can Lucy do what she  needs to do to be there for Angela emotionally, whilst avoiding falling  in love with her? What happens when Lucy's first time experimenting  sexually becomes too much for her to handle? 

This book takes you on a journey through the act of coming out, dealing  with the trauma of losing a family you depend on, how leaving the closet  affects those around you, and how latent feelings can reignite if the  conditions align; this journey is emotional, steamy, erotic and deeply  personal for both Angela and Lucy. Can their friendship survive the  transition from the old platonic love to the new deeply connected and  physical love?

Selected Reviews

"The story moved me; it made me feel warm and almost in love with the characters myself. It's absolutely a steamy book, but to class it only as Erotica would be a disservice to the love story between the characters. It's beautiful, hot, and stunning. I highly recommend it."

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