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Yes, Miss: Gently Dominating My Husband

Yes, Miss: Gently Dominating My Husband



When my husband came home from the most stressful day of his working  life, I had the perfect idea of how to take his mind off it. His eyes  were opened to an entirely new experience, as he became entirely mine to  dominate gently, with warmth, love, kindness and care.  

Gentle female domination, aka Gentle Femdom or GFD, is the act of  controlling a submissive partner in a caring and emotionally supportive  way, and that's exactly what I did to temper his stresses. 

But, what started as a fun little way to alleviate his pressure, quickly  became the very thing that would bring us closer together as a couple,  enhancing our marriage and deepening our love for one another,  strengthening our bond.

Selected Reviews

"Lovely and loving."
"Wow, that was both beautiful and incredibly hot! You actually put me in the scene."

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